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And I'm back...

It is finally over :D All went very well. I got there and was like, really nervous. They hooked me up to an IV, and the doctors talked to me, soon they sent me to the operating room. I got on the operating bed, and centered myself, then looked at the light above me. Then suddenly, next thing I know, I am waking up. I didn't even remember them putting the mask on me or anything. It was freaky. I woke up in like, almost no pain at all. They took me to my room, and told me to pee in this one gallon container. So I'm like, "alright, I have to pee bad anyways." so I go into the bathroom, open the container and.....couldn't pee. I'm like "wtf? I have to go REALLY bad, but I CAN'T!" So I called the nurse and told her and she was like "Yeeeeaaaaah, that's to be expected. Wait about 4 hours...if you still can't go we'll have to use a catheter." I'm just like...needing to go NOW, but I have to wait 4 hours? ;_; So I waited an hour, and I couldn't take it anymore, so I tried again....SUCCESS!!!....kinda. It came out horribly slow, so I was in there for like....3 minutes, just peeing. After that was over, I was relieved, and went back into bed to try to sleep, since everyone told me I'd be sleeping the whole night. Well I was up trying to sleep for about 2 hours, then I fell alseep...for 30 minutes XD Then I was awake for another hour, then fell asleep for another 30 minutes. This went on the whole night, and because of the fluids going in me from the IV, I had to pee a lot of times. Yes, I know, TMI. Anyways, morning came They removed the IV, but left the catheter in my arm, which is uncomfortable. By now I was in more pain than I was in when I first got out of surgery. So anyways, they brought some breakfast...french toast, hooray! My first meal without a Gallbladder. I was able to eat normally without horrid Gallbladder attacks. It was wonderful. So anyways, I started to feel pains in the spot my Gallbladder used to be. That is, of course, because it was cut otu XD I also started feeling pains in my right shoulder. This is because, for the surgery, they had to fill me up with air, and durring surgery, some air may get into my shoulders, and cause pain for a few days. So, I'll have to wait for that to go away. It's probably the worst pain I've felt since after the surgery, and even then, it's not too bad :) So anyways, they had to cut 4 holes in me, one being in my belly button. So who wants to see pictures of the holes? :D There is clear tape on them, which needs to stay on durring my healing period, which is about 1 to 2 weeks. I'm also still a little bloated from them putting air in me, and from some swelling, so I look a little fat XD

Anyways, thanks for everyone who wished me luck, and was supportive to me. This was kind of a frightening experience since the last time I had surgery was when I was 8, and I didn't remember it very much. But it all went very well, so all I have to worry about now are blood clots and to make sure to use my spirometer to keep my lugs open. :D
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Teehee you got inflated ;D

Yay I'm glad it went fine =)
Yeehaw! Now, you have to destroy your gallbladder before you have to deal with gallzombies!
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I made you a bowl of Hige.