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What the...?

Well, according to my parents, I'm only getting ONE Christmas present this year. Why? Because I was a NAUGHTY boy! Well, because this one present is SOOOOO expensive, that they can't afford to get me any more! Now, that has me thinking....WHAT THE BLOODY HECK COULD IT BE!? A new video card like I've been wanting? A NEW COMPUTER LIKE I'VE BEEN DREAMING!? My goodness, I just have no idea. What could be so expensive that they can only afford one present for me? They haven't even bought it yet, so it's not under the tree, so I have NO IDEA how big or heavy it is, so I am completely clueless.

In other news, here's a list of things I WON'T be getting, but I want to get for Christmas anyways (HINT HINT, MARC)

Animal Crossing: Wild World
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
Daigasso! Band Brothers
-Katamari Damacy
-We <3 Katamari
-Any other Nippon Ichi title
-Kingdom Hearts
DDR Mario Mix

Of course, MONEY is always acceptable!

That's only at the top of my head, and I know I won't get the PS2 for Christmas, I just put it there because I felt like it. I'll probablay end up buying that with my own money SO SEND CASH.
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I'd probably hunt down ddr mario for you, but the game was discontinued. Sucky, no?

Deleted comment

That's what LDM said, but my parents already know my lack of interest in that machine.

Deleted comment

I have 2 N-Gages.
Man, I'd kill for some Nippon Ichi games. They're too rare around here.
Yeah, they're rare where I am too. I'll probabaly have to buy them off of eBay.
I have all of the USA nippon ichi games except Makai Kingdom. Strongest Hylian has Makai Kingdom.