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08:24pm 29/12/2015

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02:18am 15/01/2008
mood: amused

THIS IS AN OUTRAGEjob well done.


Yeah, I have no idea either.

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03:54pm 13/11/2007
mood: excited
ur my gay is now MY mr gay!

Yes, I got Galaxy :)

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01:29am 01/11/2007
mood: tired
Stupid Japan gets Mario Galaxy now. I don't.

*waits impatiently for 10 more days* ;P

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07:52pm 09/06/2007
mood: silly

GEE! It sure is BORING around here!

Oh and, it's my birthday in 5 days. What upsets me the most is I'LL BE CELEBRATING IT ALONE...AGAIN!

I want to do something fun for my 22nd birthday, but I guess it'll just be an uneventful day like last year.

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In case you didn't see...   
08:02am 27/03/2007
mood: hyper
My Wii code is 1548 6799 9229 9222

Add yours too, I guess...

Posting this on my Wii is fun !!

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Haha :D   
12:03am 04/11/2006

I DUNNO! I just got the idea, and BOOM!! There it is.


Well I think it's funny :)


Oh my...   
11:26pm 21/08/2006



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I'm leaving for Texas!   
12:48am 29/06/2006
  I'm gonna be leaving for Texas on the 30th to see my dad and step-sister and other people. So, yeah, I'll be gone :( I'm not looking foward to the plane trip. I wish I could bring a friend along...  


04:12pm 10/06/2006
  My birthday is on the 14th of this month.


I will be 21.

I want to do something fun for my birthday, like go to Las Vegas again, but I doubt that'll happen. I wonder what is in store for that special day?

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06:01pm 08/06/2006
  What a fucking disaster.

I'll make this short.

Virus. Computer wiped.

Yeah, man, I just could kill someone right now.


09:26pm 06/05/2006
  its magic

its magic

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And I'm back...   
04:56pm 17/03/2006
  It is finally over :D All went very well. I got there and was like, really nervous. They hooked me up to an IV, and the doctors talked to me, soon they sent me to the operating room. I got on the operating bed, and centered myself, then looked at the light above me. Then suddenly, next thing I know, I am waking up. I didn't even remember them putting the mask on me or anything. It was freaky. I woke up in like, almost no pain at all. They took me to my room, and told me to pee in this one gallon container. So I'm like, "alright, I have to pee bad anyways." so I go into the bathroom, open the container and.....couldn't pee. I'm like "wtf? I have to go REALLY bad, but I CAN'T!" So I called the nurse and told her and she was like "Yeeeeaaaaah, that's to be expected. Wait about 4 hours...if you still can't go we'll have to use a catheter." I'm just like...needing to go NOW, but I have to wait 4 hours? ;_; So I waited an hour, and I couldn't take it anymore, so I tried again....SUCCESS!!!....kinda. It came out horribly slow, so I was in there for like....3 minutes, just peeing. After that was over, I was relieved, and went back into bed to try to sleep, since everyone told me I'd be sleeping the whole night. Well I was up trying to sleep for about 2 hours, then I fell alseep...for 30 minutes XD Then I was awake for another hour, then fell asleep for another 30 minutes. This went on the whole night, and because of the fluids going in me from the IV, I had to pee a lot of times. Yes, I know, TMI. Anyways, morning came They removed the IV, but left the catheter in my arm, which is uncomfortable. By now I was in more pain than I was in when I first got out of surgery. So anyways, they brought some breakfast...french toast, hooray! My first meal without a Gallbladder. I was able to eat normally without horrid Gallbladder attacks. It was wonderful. So anyways, I started to feel pains in the spot my Gallbladder used to be. That is, of course, because it was cut otu XD I also started feeling pains in my right shoulder. This is because, for the surgery, they had to fill me up with air, and durring surgery, some air may get into my shoulders, and cause pain for a few days. So, I'll have to wait for that to go away. It's probably the worst pain I've felt since after the surgery, and even then, it's not too bad :) So anyways, they had to cut 4 holes in me, one being in my belly button. So who wants to see pictures of the holes? :D There is clear tape on them, which needs to stay on durring my healing period, which is about 1 to 2 weeks. I'm also still a little bloated from them putting air in me, and from some swelling, so I look a little fat XD

Anyways, thanks for everyone who wished me luck, and was supportive to me. This was kind of a frightening experience since the last time I had surgery was when I was 8, and I didn't remember it very much. But it all went very well, so all I have to worry about now are blood clots and to make sure to use my spirometer to keep my lugs open. :D

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10:09am 16/03/2006
  I am now leaving for my surgery. Wish me luck.  

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05:46am 26/02/2006
  Kindar just showed me the FUNNIEST THING EVER!!!

These are cybersex conversations except one of the people is just messing around with the other person's mind.

Some of the conversationsCollapse )

Oh man! This is just too funny! XD

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I was bored...   
03:00am 17/02/2006
  So I made a new LJ icon thing. I'll probably only use it for moments where I really think "WTF!?" Yeah, I'm an Escargon fan :D  

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01:58pm 25/12/2005
  Yup, it's CHRISTMAS! And I've opened my present! It was small and VERY heavy. When I opened it, I noticed the box was a Windows XP box. "I already have Windows XP..." I said. But my parents have tricked me before with strange boxes, so I opened the box. Inside, I found.....WOOD! That's it! There was just WOOD in the box, and nothing more. Confused, I looked at my mom, and she told me to look in the guest bedroom closet. So I did, and when I opened it, I saw the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! A NEW COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And with a GOOD video card too! Ane probably good everything else! I haven't hooked it up yet, I still need to get things on this computer sent to other people to save so I can move it to my new computer :D:D:D I can't wait to hook it up! :D  

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06:01pm 23/12/2005
  My Animal Crossing Wild World came in the mail today! (Thanks again Bud :D)

My friend code is...
Town - Tomiton
Name - Andrew

Also we got a Chihuahua puppy. My mom named it Chimi.

Anyways, back to playing ACWW :D


01:43pm 20/12/2005
  I made a new icon! It's inspired by Sexy Parodius. It's a miniature version of the last boss. It says "Am I sexy?" because when you get to last boss, before you fight her, she says "Am I sexy?" (In Japanese), so yeah. I like it. It scares people :D The big version is the scariest thing ever though, which I'm going to put two of in my sig on KRR, with big words saying "Am I sexy?" inbetween them :D Hehee. I love Sexy Parodius.  


What the...?   
06:58pm 06/12/2005
  Well, according to my parents, I'm only getting ONE Christmas present this year. Why? Because I was a NAUGHTY boy! Well, because this one present is SOOOOO expensive, that they can't afford to get me any more! Now, that has me thinking....WHAT THE BLOODY HECK COULD IT BE!? A new video card like I've been wanting? A NEW COMPUTER LIKE I'VE BEEN DREAMING!? My goodness, I just have no idea. What could be so expensive that they can only afford one present for me? They haven't even bought it yet, so it's not under the tree, so I have NO IDEA how big or heavy it is, so I am completely clueless.

In other news, here's a list of things I WON'T be getting, but I want to get for Christmas anyways (HINT HINT, MARC)

Animal Crossing: Wild World
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
Daigasso! Band Brothers
-Katamari Damacy
-We <3 Katamari
-Any other Nippon Ichi title
-Kingdom Hearts
DDR Mario Mix

Of course, MONEY is always acceptable!

That's only at the top of my head, and I know I won't get the PS2 for Christmas, I just put it there because I felt like it. I'll probablay end up buying that with my own money SO SEND CASH.

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