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My Freaking LiveJournal...

美少年ど賢い! ぼくはアンドリュー大王!

Andrew Reid
14 June 1985
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Umm...heya, I'm Kirby Warrior/Kaabii Musha/Andrew/whatever you want to call me.

One thing you might need to know about me. I'm HORRIBLY shy, yeah, something about past things that have happened to me. SO I BARELY use the phone, I'm afraid to get out of my house, I'm afraid of people period. If you want to be my friend, it requires some effort on your part. I NEVER IM people first until I know them very well, so you'll have to IM me first. This doesn't mean I don't want to talk, oh no no no. It's quite to oppposite! PLEASE TALK TO ME! I LOVE TO TALK, it's just.......it takes me time to open up to people. Once I open up, I'm a pretty great guy...or so I've been told ^_^; That's about all I have to say, I guess.